Easter in my family


Posted by erikvanyan | Posted in Անգլերեն | Posted on April 9, 2023


Easter is one of the most  favorite holidays in my  family. Easter  is  a  Christian holiday. This   year   my  family  celebrated  Easter  on  the  ninth  of  April. I  with  my mother  and  younger   brother   made  malts. We  dyed Easter  eggs in  different  colors. We  went  to  church  and  lit  candles. My  mother  cooked  a  delicious  Easter  cake, cookies, fish,pilaf with  raisins.We put on the table dishes that my mother cooked and red wine. I  played  Eggs fight  with  my  family.  On this day my  family  greeted each other by saying «Christ is risen!» and the answer is «Truly he is risen!»   Easter  is  one  of  my  favorite  holidays.


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