Bying new shoes


Posted by erikvanyan | Posted in Անգլերեն | Posted on September 27, 2022



Shop assistant: Hi,do you need any help?https:Erik: Hi.  I really like these shoes. How much is  that?Shop assistant: Oh they’re 9000  armenian  drams.Erik: OK. Do you have them in a 38Shop assistant: I’ll have a look for you.Erik: Thanks.Shop assistant: Oh  what colour would you like?Erik: Black, please.Shop assistant: OK, just a moment, please.  We’ve got a 38 in blue, but not in black.Erik: Oh  do you have size 38  in black?Shop assistant: Yeah, sure. Do you want to try them?Erik: Yes, please.Shop assistant: How are they?Erik: I like them, but they’re a bit too big.Shop assistant: Do you want to try the white  ones  in your size?Erik:No thanks. I don’t like the blue ones too much.Shop assistant:OK. I’m sorry about that.Erik: Don’t worry.Thanks anyway. Bye.Shop assistant:Bye.



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